Our search box works quite well for Sennheiser 6 digit product codes but I have to admit it can be frustrating and elusive when searching for a phrase such as "EW100 belt clip". 


The reason is that the nomenclature EW100 describes a kit of products not an individual product.

EW100 EW300 and EW500 are kits of various products. The product has an EW100 legend on the front but the type plate with the serial number is where the part number is written.



Here is a table of the differnet product possibilities for EW100 EW300 and EW500

EK100 EK300 EK500 Bodypack Receiver
EM100 EM300 EM500 Mains Receiver


SK300 SK500 Body pack Transmitter
SKM100 SKM300 SKM500 Handheld transmitter
SKP100 x SKP500 Plug in mic Transmitter
x SR300IEM x Mains Transmitter IEM
x EK300IEM x Bodypack Receiver IEM


It is easier to find a product by drilling down in 3 stages.  First, from a main heading, then to a catagoury and then finally to a list of parts and accessories.


Taking as an example "EW100 belt clip".
FIRST. Click your mouse on  G1 G2 G3. 

help 1



This will take you to a page of associated products.  All you need to do now is identify your product from the images on this page and once identified click on that product.


help 2




The next page will display all the associated parts we have listed for that product



help 3



Finally the exploded diagram can be a useful feature and looks like this...


help 4



If you still are unable to find your product on the exploded diagram it is possible that item part of a  sub assembly.  In this case it may be available as a unique item or it could be that it is only available as a part of a bigger assembly of parts.

In this instance please email us at spares@showcomms.co.uk and we will check the main Sennheiser database of parts for you.

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