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EW100 EW300 G1 G2 G3 Antenna

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The G1 antenna are no longer available and have been discontinued.
Where the item is shown as discontinued there is no suggested alternative offered and we do not have any old stock.
078481  /  480 - 620 MHz DISCONTINUED.
078482  /  500 - 750 MHz DISCONTINUED.
078483  /  650 - 850 MHz DISCONTINUED.
078484  /  770 - 960 MHz DISCONTINUED.

Most of the G2 antennae are no longer available.
The G2 antenna did however use the same fitting as the G3 antenna and so Sennheiser suggest to use the nearest G3 antenna.
The G2 kits had slightly different bandwidth properties so you may not find a directly matching stated bandwidth.
If this is the case you need to determine the actual frequencies programmed in your unit's channels and then select the most appropriate matching antenna from the G3 list below

575297  /  486 - 558 MHz.
578854  /  558 - 626 MHz.
578852  /  626 - 698 MHz.
578853  /  718 - 798 MHz.
576132  /  779 - 865 MHz.

The -GB frequency set is shipped with a 578852  /  626 - 698 MHz antenna.


EM100 EM300 EM500 Mains powered Receivers and
SR300 IEM Transmitters.

G1 and G2

577713  /   430 - 870 MHz 



576131  /   470 - 862 MHz

EW100 EW300 G1 G2 G3 Antenna

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